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Remember rest? I mean a Good Evening’s Rest. I’ve capitalized it because it is necessary. But we frequently ignore a Great Evening’s Rest, and also numerous of you (myself consisted of) may not have obtained An Excellent Night’s Rest in some time.

What does it also suggest anyway? As well as more importantly – exactly how do I obtain one?

A Excellent Night’s Rest suggests 8 hours of slumber. There are ideas and methods on just how to sleep – every little thing from Himalayan salt rock lamps to feng shui to dropping the temperature in your room to a below-comfortable level.

Not Just A Good Night’s Sleep

You need 8 hrs every night. Every evening. EVERY. EVENING. There – I’ve stated it. Since we get on the exact same web page, allow’s flip to the next chapter: how to accomplish this 8 hours of rest recruiting essential oils.

I’m thinking you have actually got some understanding of important oils, if so just miss this next part where I discuss the fundamentals of some important oils (EO). The EOs you’ll require to make the 3-ingredient sleep spray are: Magnesium, Lavender, as well as Chamomile.


If you’re a garden enthusiast, tea-drinker, or just a great person that peruses Healthy and balanced Holistic Living daily, you’ll find out about chamomile. It is a relaxing herb which, when brewed right into tea, aids the drinker relax. As an EO chamomile is a powerful as well as practical rest inducer.


Lavender is an additional beautiful flower as well as a soothing, loosening up natural herb. In oil style, it is just what we would take into consideration “incredibly potent” – occasionally a few drops on a pillow case suffices. Lots of people make use of diluted lavender EO and also, due to its strength, don’t use it for kids.


Here at Healthy Alternative Living we have actually been speaking a great deal about magnesium lately: its inner and external uses as well as exactly what that means for your digestion, pains, anxiousness, and also insomnia. Magnesium EO can typically make your skin tingle, particularly if you’re magnesium-deficient, so the tough skin on your feet is a great place to apply magnesium EO. While not technically an “oil”, magnesium vital oil is called oil since of the appearance and also really feel – you can acquire it (simpler) or make it at residence (affordable).

Why Foot Spray?

Foot bathrooms are super-effective detoxes. With bentonite clay and water, for instance, a simple foot bath can be prepared in which you “actually see the toxic substances coming out of your feet”. Uncertain, I recognize, but after soaking your feet the water transforms dark and you really feel a great deal better. Even if it’s just a “sugar pill impact” it functions fairly nicely.

Your feet have the greatest as well as most pores of any kind of put on your body, making them the ideal place to soak up much needed magnesium and oils which benefit your whole body. Your feet also have links to the rest of your body – with touching particular factors in your feet, you will certainly do marvels for particular components of your body.

Homemade Sleepytime Foot Spray

(Thanks to Wellness Mama)


  • 4 ounces of magnesium oil
  • 10 drops Lavender Crucial Oil
  • 10 drops Roman Chamomile Important oil *
* Roman Chamomile EO is more stress-free, while German Chamomile EO is a much better anti-inflammatory.


Pour the active ingredients right into a 4 ounce (or larger) glass spray bottle. Cover and also tremble delicately to mix the oils extensively. This will certainly yield 24-48 applications.