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In recent years it’s ended up being clear that white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and also chemical laden sweetening agents aren’t the healthiest choices when it comes to including a little bit of sweetness to our lives. Allow’s be real here – no one is swearing off of sugary foods for excellent anytime soon. So in lieu of your standard sugar, I offer to you an overview of 6 all-natural options that might make your day a little sweeter – as well as possibly a little healthier too.

Maple Syrup

Calories per teaspoon: 22.5

Taste: Its special flavor is lighter than honey as well as rather premium to maple flavorful syrups.

Health benefits: Syrup consists of some calcium, potassium, magnesium and also trace quantities of B vitamins. It also flaunts as numerous as 54 different antioxidants. Most maple syrup is normally organic.

Other factors to consider: Maple syrup has to do with 2 thirds sucrose and need to be utilized in moderation.

How it’s made: Maple trees are tapped to draw out the sap, which is after that boiled to produce maple syrup.

Raw Honey

Calories per teaspoon: 21.5

Taste: Tastes could differ relying on the beginning of their pollen. It is typically smoother than sterilized honey without any aftertaste.

Health benefits: Raw honey is an alkaline-forming food that also includes antimicrobial residential properties. It may help deal with colds, and also local honey is said to assist battle allergies.

Other factors to consider: A lot of honey is pasteurized, which destroys the all-natural enzymes and also its possible benefits. To enjoy its advantages, always make sure to seek the raw selection. Be mindful with new babies, though, as children shouldn’t be subjected to honey until after their first birthday.

How it’s made: House bees suck nectar from the stomachs of collector and also chew it, so enzymes could break it into basic sugars. Tasty, yes? It’s after that deposited right into the combs. The dampness vaporizes, developing into just what we understand as honey.


Calories per teaspoon: 20

Taste: Its flavor is sweet as well as light with no unique characteristics.

Health advantages: Agave comes in short on the glycemic index, so it has less prompt impact on blood sugar level levels.

Other factors to consider: Agave is high in fructose, which could add to insulin resistance and also various other wellness problems. There have actually likewise been reports that some brands of agave really have corn syrup and also large amounts of chemicals, so make sure to only buy brand names you trust as well as review your labels.

How it’s made: Sap is removed from the core of the agave plant, after that filtered and warmed at low temperatures.


Calories per teaspoon: 16

Taste: Solid, abundant and also bittersweet

Health advantages: It has a high mineral content consisting of calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and selenium.

Other considerations: It has a very solid flavor that lots of people do not such as, so it may not be the very best selection as a routine sugar substitute.

How it’s made: Molasses is the by-product of sugar walking cane after the sugar has actually been removed from the walking stick juice. Blackstrap molasses is generated after the third round of handling, making it the least expensive in sugar content.


Calories per teaspoon: 0

Taste: Stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar but may have a bitter aftertaste.

Health advantages: Stevia has no effect on blood sugar as well as may in fact raise the manufacturing of insulin. It likewise includes no calories, so it won’t advertise weight gain.

Other considerations: A lot of stevia products consist of added ingredients and could be blonde or very processed, so focus on tags. Environment-friendly fallen leave stevia is one of the most pure.

How it’s made: Glycosides are removed from the Stevia plant with water and alcohol after that re-crystalized right into completion product. Due to the fact that you could expand stevia in your garden, you could make your very own powdered or fluid versions.

Coconut Sugar

Calories per teaspoon: 16

Taste: The preference is similar to brown sugar with a slight hint of sugar flavor.

Health benefits: Coconut sugar offers trace quantities of vitamins, minerals, amino acids as well as anti-oxidants, as well as inulin, which acts as a pre-biotic. Though high in sucrose, it includes reduced quantities of fructose and glucose and also is short on the glycemic index.

Other considerations: It’s still sugar and also even though it contains healthy aspects, they are just existing in percentages as well as need to not be depended on as a nutritional source.

How it’s made: Sap is gathered from the blossoms of a coconut tree. It’s after that heated as well as dried out until it forms crystals or blocks, which are after that damaged up right into sugar.

So there you have it, Mamas! Whatever resource of all-natural sweetener you pick, constantly search for premium brand names to make sure you’re getting all the benefits, with none of the additives that could be located in extra conventional items. It’s likewise essential to bear in mind that despite the fact that they may be natural sources, sugar is still sugar and is constantly best when utilized in moderation.

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