liquid dietSometimes, it appears as though there are almost as several diets and also fat burning methods available as there are individuals that should drop weight. A standard search will certainly disclose numerous various tactics and strategies as well as ideologies, all declaring to be the option you have to put your weight reduction issues behind you.

The HCG Diet plan is one program that will certainly aid you to reduce weight, as well as is various from the majority of techniques in a couple of crucial areas.

What Is It?

The HCG Diet is based on a hormonal agent called human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormonal agent is commonly produced during maternity as well as aids a baby grow. It has been made use of within the medical area for different reasons, however when an endocrinologist called Dr. Simeon began using it paired with a low calorie diet regimen, he noticed a fast weight reduction effect.

Medically Supervised

Most specialists concur that almost anybody is a prospect for the diet regimen, as long as they are clinically overseen while they are on it. The secret is to talk to your medical professional if you are having difficulty achieving long-term weight-loss, or if you’ve hit a plateau in your efforts.



The HCG Diet consists of three different stages, and it is wise to comply with each one closely if you are significant about your weight loss.

  • Phase 1 – normally includes consuming high quantities of fat as well as calories while taking HCG for the first few days. This stage is typically bypassed or forgotten, but it’s necessary to the general success of the program.
  • Phase 2 – this phase is generally one of the most difficult due to the fact that it entails a calorie consumption of 500 to 700 each day. Fish and also poultry are frequently eaten, as well as the calories are normally spread out over 2 primary meals later in the day. In most cases, patients remain on this type of calorie limitation for approximately 60 days.
  • Phase 3 – in stage 3, you could increase the calorie consumption and also quit taking the HCG. It’s deigned to obtain you on a steady diet regimen that you could preserve as well as sustain over the lengthy term.



It’s vital to be skeptical of any HCG Diet that isn’t recommended by a physician as well as kept an eye on by a doctor. Nonprescription HCG Diets are available, yet they typically aren’t backed by the FDA. Safe weight reduction is important, so if you have an interest in trying the genuine HCG Diet plan, talk to your doctor.