liquid dietHyperhidrosis is a medical problem identified by irregular sweat anywhere in the body. While definitely not a life-threatening condition, it is nonetheless both frustrating and also debilitating. In my situation, the condition influences the hands and feet, two aspects where hyperhidrosis is generally experienced.

From both a social and also practical viewpoint, experiencing hyperhidrosis in the hands is particularly troublesome. Not only is it unpleasant when trembling hands with individuals, or holding the hand of your partner, however issues additionally occur when handling concrete products, whether it be family home appliances, records, or basically anything else. It is for that reason uncomplicated to envision that hyperhidrosis is something that would want to cure in some way, or at the very least reward, although of the problem’s relative harmlessness.

When does it affect you?

Most individuals just sweat when they are truly hot, worried, or are executing workout or other laborious activity. Sufferers of hyperhidrosis, however, could and usually do sweat at any kind of time, despite their entirely unwinded state of mind, the temperature level of their atmosphere or the task they may be participated in. My hands can be trickling with sweat even in the coolest temperature levels as well as while I am really feeling really calm. Nevertheless having said that, in my situation as most of the times, the sweating is definitely worsened by hotter temperature levels and the presence of anxiousness or even the tiniest little bit of anxiousness can activate the sweating.

How do you handle/ alleviate the condition?

Before resolving the methods which hyperhidrosis can be alleviated I will certainly first go over a few suggestions which I picked along the method that could be valuable to those that experience hyperhidrosis in their hands. Remember these tips may not make the sweating go away, but they could assist you to reduce the damage caused by your excessive sweating.

Surgical gloves

Surgical gloves can be bought inexpensively and also in mass from the majority of pharmacies. Of program, sliding on a set of these won’t stop your hands from sweating (in fact they’ll most likely make it worse) but exactly what they will do is produce an obstacle in between the sweat and anything you might want to manage, therefore avoiding sweat from obtaining around anything you touch. This is especially essential when taking care of costly as well as sensitive tools. I have memories of playing computer game at close friends’ homes as a child and due to the fact that my hands would certainly sweat so much I would be required to manage the controllers with a sock covering each of my hands! Only some time later on did I become acquainted with the surgical gloves suggestion and also as you could envision it was much simpler to handle a controller with gloves than with a sock over each hand.


This is something which I have personally never attempted as I have always considered it to be a rather tedious ways of managing the symptoms of hyperhidrosis, however other patients that I have actually talked to do advise preparing a pot of tea, after that permitting it to cool and soaking your hands in the tea for numerous mins. Evidently this quits the sweating for a substantial amount of time afterwards.


Homeopathy is a clinical area which is ending up being increasingly popular throughout the globe today, not just since being all organic it is considered to be a much more secure means of alleviating illness, however likewise since homeopathy is commonly ending up being referred to as an authentic as well as feasible ways of treating medical conditions. There is a homeopathic solution created especially for hyperhidrosis, which I have attempted personally as well as appreciated some success with. As with all types of medicine, it has to be taken constantly otherwise its impacts put on off and the symptoms of the condition return.


It would appear that the only permanent option to hyperhidrosis offered today is to have a surgical procedure done. I am notified by specialists that the procedure involves changing certain nerves which are accessed with the upper body. It is evidently usually a successful treatment, nevertheless in some instances individuals can expect to receive some ‘offsetting sweating’ somewhere else in their bodies. People with hyperhidrosis in their hands are often cured by the surgical treatment as much as their hands are worried, nevertheless they could discover that they experience some too much sweating elsewhere on their bodies, such as their back.