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Did you get up with excellent intentions this morning?

The good objectives to eat right, and also begin your day of rest with the mighty-fine entire grain goodness of steel-cut oats? I don’t blame you! These oats are much better compared to the rest. They are minimally processed so your body takes longer to absorb them, maintaining you fuller, much longer. Plus they’re loaded with fiber, healthy protein as well as iron. They ought to be called Giant Oats. You’re pumped!

And after that you check out package. Simmer for 25 mins ?! F *** that. I’ll just have coffee. AM I RIGHT?

Well prepare to be impressed since you’re going to wake up to a whole brand-new you tomorrow! I’m mosting likely to allow you in on the key to the most convenient steel-cut oats you’ll ever make.

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Perfect Steel-Cut Oatmeal


1 mug steel-cut oats (also understood as Irish oats)
4 1/2 cups water
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla


THE NIGHT BEFORE (I typically do this on a Sunday and have oats for the week)

Put all components in a pot and also offer a boil.

Let simmer for THREE minutes. You check out that right, three.

Take off the heat.

Put on the lid.

Go to bed.

Wake as much as scrumptious and completely cooked steel-cut oats. You could warm it up once more on the oven if your entire family is mosting likely to consume them. Or take out a scoop as well as part the rest for your week.

Makes four servings.