liquid dietEating out excellents isn’t it? There’s nothing sweeter than taking the other fifty percent out for an evening of candle-lit fine dining, being waitinged for hand and foot, and also the environment of a busy dining establishment. Except the children certainly. There’s constantly a family with children. And also the hideous costs that require you to remortgage your home for a chance at a breadstick starter. And also the perpetual sound that commands you utter wonderful absolutely nothings at a quantity you generally book for pleasantly telling the neighbors to maintain their feline off your yard. Neglect going out. Fish and chips and also horrible telly isn’t a bad night, right? That is naturally, unless you’re visiting take in a meal at one of the adhering to penalty facilities, where sound, children as well as extortionate prices are visiting be the least of your concerns. Here are our wackiest, weirdest, and wild alternate dining establishments from across the globe!

Dinner in the Sky

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We’re reallying going to start on a high after that as the Brussels-based restaurant Dinner in the Sky isn’t really so a lot a dining establishment as it is a table, put on hold 150 feet in the air by a crane, offering 22 people that are all sat around the table most likely also terrified to move an inch. There’ll be no leaning across the table to nicely pass the salt below, as doing so could result in a deadly plummet to the flooring, flatware in tow. It’s crazy, yet also an oddly appealing recommendation, supposing you could penetrate the unrelenting nosebleeds that is.

Modern Toilet

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Probably one of one of the most popular unusual restaurants around, Modern Bathroom’s sitting arrangements entail, you presumed it, commodes, whilst bathroom rolls are neighboring for use as paper napkins and also food is served in mini commode bowls. Perhaps most incredulous of all however, the food is faeces-shaped and the drinks come in tiny urinals. Whilst I directly do not understand why any kind of man would also visit this uncivilized pit of toilet-based deprivation of his very own free choice, not to mention go in and order food with the purpose of consuming faeces shaped ‘food’, the dining establishment is absolutely a smash hit in Taipei. Just the Taiwanese eh ?!

Pitch Black

For some, darkness prompts panic. In a power cut we’ll flail around extremely knocking over tall standing bookshelves as well as other furnishings attempting to find a lantern. Not in Beijing though, oh no. Over in China, they appreciate eating in it, or at the very least, they carry out in peculiar dining establishment Pitch Black, where the lights are off and the waiting team have to use evening vision safety glasses, which is a guaranteed perk to the job, one that comes together with the risk of plate-related injury when you journey on a chair leg and send the supper, in addition to on your own soaring throughout the space, probably securing a table or 2, as well as creating widespread cardiac arrest through the restaurant. The suggestion is, the loss of sight heightens your ability to preference, and also autumn over!


Ithaa’s allure lies primarily in the lovely rounded glass ceiling that you consume below in style and luxury. Oh and also a flatfish could give you an envious glimpse whilst floating by. Yes, this Maldives eatery is the first undersea restaurant worldwide, one that joins together all the fun of the Sea Life Centre, with great eating as well as food!

Robot Kitchen

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Remember the 50’s ideal of a futuristic world? The confusing robot housemaids, the massive computer systems, the plain ongoing use of watches? Well someplace in Hong Kong, that concept was never ever actually dropped, despite dawn of iPads, tablet computers, the cloud and all those gadgetry developments. Robotic Kitchen area employs a host of vaguely people-shaped robotics that’ve gone down directly out of The Jetsons to prepare the food, race between tables taking orders and also supply the dishes. With a certain robot made for each work, this still seems like a recipe for disaster to me, especially if they’re operating on any iteration of Windows. Would certainly you eat anything made by View, or Windows 98? Me either. That stated, the novelty would be enough!

So there we have it, the unusual, the fantastic, the completely absurd and the bafflingly suspicious in restaurants around the world. Where would you desire to consume?? At night? Or at an unsafe, stomach-churning elevation!? Answers on an article card please, or in the remark area below!