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Let us respond to a few of your burning inquiries concerning this super nutrient and also exactly how it can aid you support skin suppleness, hydration and flexibility as well as advertising much healthier hair and also nails. Seems impressive right? Well we assume it is!

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein composed of an unique combination of amino acids – Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline and Arginine (seems very clinical so bear with us!).

Approximately 30% of the protein in your body is composed of Collagen which are solid and sturdy frameworks that could be discovered in many components of the body including in bones, ligaments as well as ligaments.

What does collagen do?

Collagen is a very nutrient and aids to reinforce and secure numerous frameworks of the body. Collagen is commonly understood for safeguarding as well as enhancing skin health and wellness by lowering the absorption and also the dispersing of toxins as well as micro-organism. Scientists have likewise revealed that the exploration of an idea that collagen could activate chemical signals that could help protect the body from cancer’s development.

Collagen is also found in muscle mass tissue, capillary, gastrointestinal tract and your heart among others as well as is also the major component of your hair as well as nails which is why consuming collagen can assist to enhance as well as strengthen these structures.