diverticulitis diet Pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the palate – the tomato is a terrific vegetable. Vegetable? In fact it is a fruit or shall we say a berry. The bright red tomato shade illuminates every table, be it raw or cooked.

The tomato not only has a great look however is also a storehouse of nutrition. Allow us use up its advantages individually:

The chemical lycopene present in tomatoes gives it the red color. Countless researches have actually wrapped up that the lycopene present in tomatoes aids reduce the threats of different kinds of cancerprostate, pancreatic, colon, lung, and also bust cancers. Researches have revealed that in refined tomatoes the lycopene content boosts because cooking results in the damaging down of cell wall surfaces. Tomatoes, when eaten with small quantities of fat makes certain much better absorption of lycopene

  • This red berry is low in calories and also fats as well as at the exact same time an abundant source of nutritional fibers. This also makes it a great option for weight watchers.
  • Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C which aids battles contagious illness and construct up a great immune system.
  • Fresh ripe tomatoes contain potassium, a mineral taken into consideration helpful in controlling the heart rate and also blood pressure.
  • Anti-oxidants as well as flavonoids discovered in the tomato are crucial for maintaining excellent vision.
  • A few other minerals found in tomatoes are iron, magnesium, folate, phosphorus, copper and calcium.

Now that we recognize about the wonderful benefits of the tomato let us make some heart warming thick tomato. The density in this soup has actually been achieved by the addition of a potato as opposed to cream.


500gms ripe red tomatoes1 tiny onion1small potato1 medium sized carrot (optional) 5 cloves of garlicSalt to taste

Seasoning of your choice: coriander chopped/basil/dried mint leaves

Recipes :

Wash as well as cut the tomatoes right into little items. Slice the onions as well as chop the potatoes. If you are making use of carrot chop it right into little pieces.

In a vessel add all the active ingredients other than the seasoning and also cook till all the vegetables are well cooked. To make it faster you can additionally press cook all the vegetables. Enable to cool.

Once the mixture is awesome puree the veggies in a mixer as well as travel through a screen. Return the strained soup to the fire and permit to simmer for about 10 minutes. You could readjust the uniformity of the soup according to your choice.

Add the spices of your option and also delight in warm tomato soup with buttered supper rolls.