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What do our muscular tissues, bones as well as body immune system all have in typical? They are all in your body I hear you say … that is appropriate but not rather exactly what we were getting at! Exactly what they have in usual is that protein is crucial to each one to keep them in tip leading health. In this post we will look a little further into how consuming adequate quantities and also the appropriate sources of protein could maintain you on top of your game!

Unhealthy protein misconceptions

There are a great deal of typical protein mistaken beliefs that have naturally established over the years however we more than happy to report that as the populace come to be a lot more familiar with the wellness benefits of this incredibly nutrient that these misconceptions are becoming less usual. There are nonetheless some popular myths that we would certainly still prefer to clarify, we have actually described our favourites listed below:

‘ I’m toning my muscular tissues as I train so I do not need healthy protein’

Not strictly real we hesitate! As you exercise you are really putting your muscle mass under anxiety, triggering them to break down which is an all-natural process as your muscles come to be depleted of your main power resource which is referred to as glycogen.

What healthy protein in fact does is assistance you repair as well as replenish these energy stores to rebuild your difficult functioning muscle mass as well as help in reducing that sensation of muscular tissue soreness you obtain after a difficult exercise session. That is why we recommend taking one of our beverages to every one of your training sessions, so you have a fast and hassle-free source of healthy protein prepared as you finish.

‘ Healthy protein will mass me up like a body builder’

Erm, no it won’t so don’t stress! Protein is important to individuals that intend to add muscle as well as size but consuming healthy protein won’t naturally turn you right into a muscle mass bound hunk! Unless you are dedicating your life to the gym, bodybuilding training and also each and every single little element of your diet plan then you there will be no opportunity that you will establish big, cumbersome muscles.

It is additionally impossible for women to do this anyway as they do not have the hormone atmosphere to accommodate structure huge muscle mass. Just what it will certainly do is aid reinforce your bones, secure your immune system and also assistance turn unsteady parts of the body right into toned and firm component, if you comply with a healthy well balanced diet and exercise program of course!

‘ I only have to bother with my protein intake as I age’

Again, this is a common misconception as well as absolutely not real. Healthy protein is vital to those over 40 years of ages as a reduction in muscle mass, stamina, versatility, metabolic process as well as bone health begin to happen. This nevertheless doesn’t imply that you must only begin supplementing with top quality healthy protein when you hit 40.

Protein is necessary for all people of all background of every ages as well as guaranteeing you are consuming adequate healthy protein levels previously in life suggests that you are most likely to support the avoidance old associated muscular tissue loss along with maintaining your bones solid as well as your immune system healthy.

‘ I can consume a great deal of healthy protein in one dish and I’m set for the day’

This is a preferred and also extremely important misunderstanding. Having one dish that is packed with healthy protein and after that running out in other meals is a wild-goose chase as well as a waste of healthy protein!! Research suggests that adults require between 15-25g of healthy protein at each being in order to sustain healthy and balanced muscle and immunity. Although consuming even more than 30g at the same time has been revealed to have fringe benefits, these benefits decrease as your intake enhances in one sitting.

We have created all our drinks to enable you to consume between 15g and 25g in one go that includes our Ufit Pro50 that has 50g of protein in each bottle for those who desire even more however can be split over 2 x 25g sittings for those that wish to divide over 2 occasions.

Health benefits of protein

Many foods consist of healthy protein and one of the most prominent as well as best sorts of protein abundant food include beef, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy items, nuts, seeds, as well as legumes.

Protein has a whole host of vital wellness advantages consisting of building and preserving your body organs, muscles, as well as your immune system.

Protein is essential to aiding you make hemoglobin (the part of your red cell that moves oxygen around your body) along with helping you develop heart muscle (your heart!) Whether you’re hanging out with mates, hitting the gym or scaling a mountain you need protein to maintain your body in optimal working mode!

Protein is likewise a necessary component of your hair and nails so not only could it help sustain your health and wellness on the inside yet can also help make you look your best on the exterior … win appropriate?!