blood type dietYou stay in a home at a far flung forest. There is no power resource, no electricity, no fridges and then all power consuming tools. You bought that $$$ foods and also fruits for an entire week and also really feel horrible viewing the fruits getting rotten also early.

It could happen in a forest, in a village, during outdoor camping as well as when your refrigerator is mocking you. What to do concerning it? Ways to maintain fruits as well as veggies fresh when your fridge is not working?

Let’s see how you can do it:


To keep unripe fruits fresh, store them in oil. It will certainly maintain its freshness for an extremely long time. For ripen fruits save them in honey. Both methods lower oxidation of food and also avoid them from getting rotten.


Fresh vegetables are always have boosted preference. To maintain vegetables fresh include 3 table spoons of vinegar in water and then clean vegetables operating it. Vinegar will not just keep vegetables fresh yet likewise serve as an antibacterial, killing the damaging bacteria.


The vinegar trick will not benefit garlic. To maintain garlic fresh for longer duration shop garlic under soil of pot plants or in your yard (mark the aspect). When ever needed, dig the dirt and also reduced the required quantity you need. Do not neglect to change. It will certainly be wiser if you shower water regularly on the ‘marked garlic area.

Bonus tip:

To keep wheat safe and fresh

Well you cannot keep wheat under dirt neither you can clean it in vinegar! To maintain wheat far from pests store it in a tin container or a cotton fabric bag. Include completely dry fenugreek leaves in container before sealing it. It will certainly not just keep insects away but will also boost wheat taste.