I have actually been seeking something to jumpstart right into a better physical fitness way of life, so I determined to obtain a fitness tracker.

I have a close friend who loves her Fitbit Flex.

Once I verified that the associated app would certainly function on my Android phone, my choice was made.

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Linking The Fitbit Flex Via Bluetooth

Armed with a present card, I was off to Finest Buy.

The salesperson aiding me has the precise same phone I do (Samsung Galaxy S5), so he immediately took my phone and also connected the tracker with the phone’s Bluetooth. I have no concept exactly how Bluetooth works, as well as thankfully I don’t should know!

Now that my phone has been related to my tracker, it will certainly stay that way.

In instance you’re asking yourself, the sales person opened my Bluetooth, hit “Scan for devices” and also it discovered the tracker. Next off, he hit “Link,” and that was it.

I fretted that other person with Bluetooth might check, discover my tracker, and see my data. He ensured me that is not the case. Each tracker can only connect to one phone. There is an option for me to discuss my linked tool with other individuals, if I should ever intend to do that.

Activating The Fitbit Wristband

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The package comes with:

  • 1 Fitbit Flex fitness tracker
  • 2 black wristbands (1 little and also 1 huge)
  • 1 wristband clasp
  • 1 charging cable
  • 1 wireless sync dongle

Because I have actually never ever seen a “dongle” prior to, and there were 2 wristbands, I thought perhaps there was a mistake and also this package deal had 2 collections within. Nope, just various size wristbands to fit all, and a dongle.

The hold was currently on the huge wristband. I was able to easily eliminate it for the tiny one that fits me. I have small wrists as well as am fairly delighted with just how the band fits.

The 1-sentence guideline slide described the best ways to provide my Fitbit Flex tracker its initial arrested for the charging cable linkeded into my computer’s USB port.

Then I popped the tracker into the wristband as well as I was off!

Well, not quite that easily. It is complicated to insert the tracker into the port on the back of the band – despite the little arrow on the tracker showing you how. It is really tight and also it took numerous shots for me to get it in properly. After utilizing it for over a month, it is not a problem.

What The Fitbit Flex Tracker Monitors

Since there is no individual’s guide or guidebook consisted of with the product, I wasn’t actually certain what need to be taking place. So I scrolled with the application and also might see it was already tracking my steps!

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Here are the groups that appear on the app’s control panel (on my Android, it may be different on an iPhone):

  • Steps taken – automatic
  • Miles walked – automatic
  • Calories burned – automatic
  • Active miles – automatic
  • Sleep – automated, once readied to sleep mode
  • Calories in/out – automatically calculated from your food log
  • Calories remaining to eat – immediately determined from your food log
  • Water consumed – you manually log
  • Weight lost – you manually log

You can decide to “conceal” any one of these categories, so you only see the ones you want.

Several groups increase to a graph that shows your progression throughout the day.

Most groups have an objective for the day. The objectives are pre-specified, yet you can readjust them to fit your needs. Examples of pre-programmed goals:

  • Steps for the day = 10,000
  • Active minutes = 30
  • Miles walked = 3

Understanding The Fitbit Flex Lights

The Fitbit Flex is pre-programmed to show progression of actions handled your wristband.

Two mild but solid taps just under the display screen panel will certainly activate the lights. Each dot stands for 20% in the direction of your objective, finishing at midnight each day.

  • The tracker begins by flashing 1 dot, suggesting that you are working in the very first 20% of the goal (or 1-1,999 actions).
  • Once you get to 2,000 actions, the first dot stays strong and also the second dot starts flashing.
  • When you reach your goal, all 5 lights will flash as well as the tracker will certainly vibrate. Appreciate your little success party!

The Fitbit Flex app will show you the exact number of actions in any way times, since it has real-time syncing.

You can choose whether you want the tracker to present your development to calories or miles instead of actions. And also you can increase/decrease the objective anytime.

Using The Fitbit Flex Without A Smartphone

Don’t have a smart phone?

Don’ t concern! You can also view your Dashboard at Fitbit.com as well as you could make adjustments there as well.

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The wireless dongle synchronizes with your Fitbit Flex tracker equally as the phone finishes with Bluetooth.

Each group that needs you to by hand log the information could be adjusted via the website or through your phone app.

Finding Solutions To Your Fitbit Questions

There is an outstanding Community online complete of practical sources:

  • Help Forums
  • Discussions
  • Activity Groups

The Forums as well as Conversations are fantastic for fixing any type of trouble you may have with your tracker. Just search with the key words of your trouble as well as see the responses/answers from other Fitbit Flex individuals and/or Fitbit Flex administration.

You could sign up with a public Activity Team for extra motivation and discussions with like-minded Flex customers, or you could develop a group for you and your good friends to track each other’s development and also deal motivation.

Here’s the official User Manual for the Fitbit Flex.

Tracking Your Sleep With The Fitbit Flex

One point I really intended to do with my Flex was to track my rest, but I had no concept the best ways to place the tracker right into Sleep Mode.

A straightforward search on the Aid Discussion forum discussed precisely how to do it.

I likewise discovered this video clip on YouTube: Fitbit Flex Rest Mode Demonstration.

You will certainly see lights 2 as well as 4 flash two times and also you will certainly really feel a resonance. You do the tapping again when you wake to return into tracking mode. (The tracker does not track anything other than rest while in sleep mode.)

While I’m sleeping, the Fitbit Flex tracker gauges the motions of my wrist, logging my sleep as conscious, agitated, or asleep.

It has actually been fascinating to see my rest pattern each evening and also over time.

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Another advantage to the logging attribute is if you miss out on a task or do not use your Fitbit wristband one day. For instance, you could have a workout program that is exceptionally energetic as well as burns a lots of calories. If you don’t have distinct arm activity, the Fitbit tracker might not record that degree of activity. You could produce a name for your activity as well as associate it with energetic mins as well as calories melted. Just hit the + indication as well as include the task manually. It will certainly then calculate right into your daily tracking.

The very same holds true if you neglected to establish the wristband to sleep mode. You could enter the moment you went to bed and also the time you awakened. It will not have the task of motion during sleep, however you could videotape the basic dimension for tracking purposes.

Tracking Food And Calories

If you’re ready to make the effort, you could create a substantial menu of food products for your food log.

When you search for foods, you’ll see a wide range of alternatives by brand name or store.

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If your item is not listed, after that you can develop a personalized food item with calories and also various other details. When it’s time to log that food item, you just select it from your menu.

Tracking food items makes it feasible for the Control panel to present a calorie budget for you, comparing calories eaten vs. calories burned.

It will certainly use the everyday calorie total you develop to reveal you the number of calories you have staying in the day.

It Works With Various other Food and Exercise Apps Too

If you already make use of another application to track your exercises and/or calories taken in, you’ll enjoy to understand that the Fitbit deals with several other mobile phone apps too. You could sync your information from one application to another.

For example, if you use MapMyRun to track your workouts, you could easily import your exercise data to your Fitbit account.

Here’s the complete list of apps suitable with Fitbit.

Pros as well as Cons Of The Fitbit Flex

Things I like:

  • It’s super easy to wear all the time. It is really light as well as comfortable, as well as it looks laid-back as well as natural on your wrist. When I require to put on a watch, I have one that rests beside the Flex rather easily.
  • You can obtain various Fitbit Flex wristbands, moderately valued, in lots of enjoyable colors!
  • I was happily amazed to find out exactly how several actions I walk during my typical work day. I do actually discover methods to fit in much more activity at the office, so I can enjoy the numbers go up.
  • It’s water immune, so I can use it in the shower or in the rainfall without worrying regarding maintaining it completely dry. (Technically, it could be submerged approximately 33 feet.)
  • I do not ever need to connect the tracker to a computer or phone to upload my condition. It happens automatically through the Bluetooth or dongle.
  • There is a notice alert to allow me understand when my battery is running reduced. After 10 mins approximately in the demanding wire, it excels to go once again. The Fitbit Flex battery requires charging every 3 to 5 days.
  • Although there is a discovering curve to obtain the most from it, the Dashboard is a vivid as well as fun display of my activity.
    I could customize nearly every little thing. For instance, the monitoring of steps was not ONE HUNDRED% accurate when I initially obtained the Flex. I discovered on the Help Discussion forum exactly how to measure and also add my stride length to my profile. Before I did that, it was generalizing stride size based upon my elevation as well as gender. Now it more precisely counts my steps (examined by checking the Control panel, strolling ONE HUNDRED steps, after that examining the new total).

Things I don’t like:

  • I wish it was a watch considering that I use it on the exact same wrist where my watch generally goes.
  • You can only charge the tracker with the USB cable.
  • It takes a lot of research in the beginning to establish your food menu in order to use the food log. I’m not rather prepared to do that yet, yet I would certainly like to track calories as well as use that to enhance my eating habits.
  • I occasionally have problem touching the tracker right into sleep method. It’s possibly fairly amusing to watch me furiously-yet-gently touching away on my wristband! When this occurs I just wait a couple of minutes, after that try again.


So … Is The Fitbit Flex Working For Me?

Yes and no.

I have actually been really thinking about seeing just how numerous steps I take in a day – throughout particular exercises or while shopping at the shopping center – yet so much I have actually not utilized this information to press myself further.

I have not fulfilled the 10,000 steps everyday objective yet, so I haven’t obtained the little party lights as well as resonances. I have actually come close, and got an email telling me that I just have many steps left to satisfy my objective, but I had not been encouraged enough to hop on the treadmill at 10 o’clock at evening to complete my steps.

According to FitBit, 10,000 steps a day is a rough equivalent to the Specialist General’s referral to collect 30 minutes of activity most days of the week. It should be sufficient to minimize your threat for illness and help you lead a longer, healthier life … Unless you have a very energetic lifestyle or occupation, you possibly don’t get to 10,000 actions on a provided day without putting some effort into your activity. Source

I recently signed up with a health club and also have been doing a range of various workouts. It has actually excellented to see how they track on my Fitbit Flex. I have really selected different exercises based upon just how the outcomes will certainly affect my daily overalls. In the future, I think this will certainly be a handy tool for me. Yet today, it appears to be more of a curiosity.

Even with the sleep display that I was so ecstatic about, I have all this info but absolutely nothing really to do with it. Yep, when I stand up to visit the washroom it states I am “energetic.” I additionally have several restless moments during the night. As well as … currently just what? I do not know how I can gain from recognizing all this – yet.

I am still finding new articles and also pointers on the Fitbit site and also other locations online, so I am still thrilled regarding the possibilities. I’m not sorry I purchased this fitness tracker and will certainly continue using it. I definitely believe more concerning steps and health and fitness while I’m wearing it, and that’s a good point. Right?!

If you have a Fitbit Flex or a few other fitness band, let me recognize exactly how it benefits you and just how you utilize the info it offers you.

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