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We love collagen here at Charm Milk HQ so we have actually included it in our very successful Collagen+ Elegance Milk product. There are tons of reasons we like collagen, primarily as a result of the wealth of health and elegance advantages of including it right into your diet.

Benefits of collagen

As you age, the skin begins to look more weary as your collagen manufacturing decreases and also the skin sheds its flexibility. As well as aging, various other elements such as cigarette smoking, sun damages, poor diet, inadequate rest and alcohol usage cause the break down of collagen production.

Surely if you could boost your collagen, you would have much more plump, radiant and hydrated skin? Well, collagen makes up to around 75% of the skin which is why it plays such a crucial role in the look of a young and also healthy and balanced complexion.

Scientific study has actually shown that consumption of collagen enhances the development of collagen fibrils in the dermis. This is the 2nd layer of skin made up of mostly water, flexible fibres and collagen which offers the skin its structure and assistance. The research likewise showed enhanced skin properties of women in the winter months as it permits better hydration (Choi et alia 2013).

So what actually is collagen?

Collagen is normally discovered in the body as a healthy protein. It is the most plentiful as well as is found in muscle mass, bone, skin, capillary, organs and tendons. The easiest way to describe collagen is the adhesive that holds all the body parts together.

How could Collagen+ Beauty Milk drink assistance you?

As you age as well as your collagen manufacturing reduces, you could supplement with Collagen+ Elegance Milk which is a tasty, nourishing and practical method of eating collagen. Full and also hydrated skin typically aren’t the only benefits of this product!

As well as boosted skin, collagen likewise supplies:

Strength, volume, sparkle and fullness for the hair Maintains joints and muscular tissues solid and flexible Provides fluid as well as supporting for cartilage material Keeps ligaments as well as ligaments solid and also adaptable Provides the arteries support as it maintains them strong as well as flexible

The product also contains:

Vitamin C: This improves the impacts of collagen, protects versus immune system deficiencies, defense against eye issues and also cardiovascular disease!

Vitamin E: This is fantastic for the skin as well as avoidance of creases as it could speed up cell regeneration! It is likewise blood thinning so is heart healthy and balanced! It can also stabilize hormones and also aid with PMS symptoms!

Vitamin B complex (B12, B3, B6): Increases good cholesterol, manages homocysteine (negative for the heart), as well as can assist manage mood and sleep patterns.

Vitamin D3: This is generated in the skin naturally when you are subjected to sunlight. It assists for absorption of calcium so helps you have solid bones and teeth!

Green tea extract: Eco-friendly tea has been revealed to improve your metabolic rate and also is usually called the ‘fat burning’ anti-oxidant. As it consists of high levels of caffeine it can aid with mind function as well as maintain you alert.

As well as all these amazing benefits, the Collagen+ Beauty Milk likewise has 11.9 grams of protein! Protein has additionally been connected to reliable weight loss.

Collagen+ Beauty Milk is available from Tesco, Holland and Barrett, Ocado or on the internet HERE.

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